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General Dental Treatments

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Research tells us that over 90% of people will experience some tooth decay over the course of their life. Having a general dentist providing regular dental care is crucial to long term health and avoiding expensive corrective treatments in the future

General Dental Treatments Offered by Dr. Sparkman

  • Composite Tooth Fillings – Composite tooth fillings are essentially undetectable fillings for your teeth and are a long-lasting alternative to noticeable silver filling
  • Dental Crowns – Tooth crowns benefit your smile by protecting teeth and cosmetically improving their appearance
  • Fixed Bridges – Porcelain bridges reduce the appearance of missing teeth and help to restore a healthy smile
  • Root Canals – This procedure aids the pain cause by dying or decayed teeth
  • Cleanings & Preventative Dental Care – Routine care is essential to maintaining the health of your teeth

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