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Composite Tooth Fillings

What are composite fillings?


Composite fillings are a high quality solution to restoring decayed teeth. The composite material used is quartz like and can seamlessly match your tooth color and shape. After a tooth has been treated for decay the composite material is applied in layers, with each layer hardened using a specialized light, and the final surface shaped and polished to match the tooth. Once completed, the white dental filling blends in with your natural teeth to give you an ideal smile.

Why is a composite tooth filling right for me?

In addition to offering an aesthetic benefit, composite fillings are stronger and last longer since they are bonded directly to the tooth’s surface. The restoration of a tooth with a composite filling will also protect teeth from cracking, since there is no need for the removal of additional, healthy tooth structure as in with a mercury filling. Additionally, they are eco-conscious since they do not involve mercury.


Inlays/onlays are sometimes good alternatives to composite white tooth fillings, offering excellent long term durability. In cases of extensive decay, inlays/onlays or crowns are the only alternative.

What about Silver fillings?

Silver tooth fillings have been a common solution to decay for over 125 years. They allow for quick placement and are relatively durable. However, since silver fillings are not bonded to the tooth, they require a large “undercut” inside the tooth to be secured in place. The process necessitates the removal of extra healthy tooth tissue and weakens the overall structure.

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