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Dental Crowns

What is a dental crown?

Learn about the benefits of Porcelain Crowns When a tooth is cleared of decay, a crown or “cap” is used to cover the tooth and restore it to the original shape and size. This is achieved by taking an impression of the cleaned tooth to create a model, which a offsite laboratory will use to fashion a crown from gold or porcelain (to match tooth color). A temporary crown is provided during the creation of the permanent crown. Once produced, the permanent crown can then be cemented to the cleared tooth’s surface.

Is a crown right for me?

Teeth crowns are extremely durable as a result of being lab produced and therefore help support the remaining tooth structure. An experienced dentist can fit the crown almost perfectly to the prepared surface, minimizing the seam to prevent decay from manifesting under the cap.

Dental crowns are most effective when placed prior to advanced tooth decay so there is a reduced chance of the tooth fracturing. Capping a tooth at this stage may help avoid costly future root canal therapy as well as the chance that th avert the possibility that a fractured tooth may need to be removed, requiring the expense of a bridge or implant to replace the missing tooth.

What else I should know?

Crowns are excellent restorations and have few disadvantages. They are highly durable, but they will eventually need to be re-cemented or replaced due to normal wear.

Occasionally, a tooth may still need root canal therapy after being crowned. However, this indicates that the interior of the tooth was already sick (infected) and would have eventually needed root canal therapy anyway.

In the event that a tooth is so decayed or fractured that it needs to be removed, the best alternatives to a crown are bridges and implants that replace the missing tooth.

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